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UL Lafayette Animal Procedure Statement

Revised Interactive PDF Animal Procedure Statement (Updated May 31, 2016)
All new submissions and renewals must use the Interactive PDF form.

If you have an approved APS written on the interactive PDF form, please use the approved APS to make your changes. In Section 3, select “This is a modification of an Approved APS.” Then select either regular review or administrative handling, and list the sections with changes. If possible, please print to a PDF, highlight the changes and save the document prior to submitting to the IACUC.

Addendum (Rev. November 2014),
If your approved APS was submitted on a word document, you may use this addendum form to submit your changes for review or you can move all your information to Interactive PDF form and follow the directions for highlighting the changes.  Note - there may be questions that you did not answer on the old form that will require an answer on the new form.

Handling Changes to an IACUC-reviewed and -approved Animal Procedure Statement

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