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Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals Training

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Policy on Training

To ensure compliance with the USDA Animal Welfare Act and the recommendations of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals the University of Louisiana at Lafayette requires that all faculty and staff utilizing live animals in research participate in an online training program.

Members of the research faculty and staff include but are not limited to:

  • faculty proposing research to take place on the main campus
  • faculty proposing research to take place at NIRC
  • faculty proposing research to take place in field type studies
  • graduate students
  • study technicians or coordinators
  • behavioral coordinators
  • animal resources personnel directly named in study activity
  • veterinarians
  • quality assurance personnel
  • members of the UL Lafayette IACUC
  • investigators outside of the University involved in research at a campus facility

All investigators submitting animal procedure statements must complete the on-line training and have a certificate of completion on file with the UL Lafayette IACUC.

Online Training Program

The University provides the online LATAnet training program free of charge to all persons caring for, treating or using laboratory animals at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Online LATAnet Training Program

Go to the 4th paragraph and select the "register" link.  All participants must register first to create a transcript for their training records. Use 1011D for the institution name.

After registering, login using your email address and password.

The Program consists of successful completion of the Base Module and pertinent Species Module(s) (ie. The humane care and use of laboratory nonhuman primates).  When there is no species module for your animal model, you are only required to complete the base module.

Final approval of your APS will be contingent on the completion of the course. All personnel listed on the Animal Procedure Statement must complete the course prior to initiation of animal research at the University.

Additional training is available through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

To access and complete this training:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Register Here"
  3. Under Participating Institutions select University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
  4. Create a user name and password, and fill in the remaining fields, then press submit.
  5. Complete your profile
  6. Answer the questions and click submit at the bottom of the page. The modules for the training you desire will be loaded to your user. Modules are available for Animal Biosafety, Mice, Frogs, Rats, Fish, Non-human primates, minimizing pain and distress for mice, aseptic surgery, working with the IACUC, and more.

For additional information visit the IACUC Resources page.

Note: All personnel working at the New Iberia Research Center must attend required annual training sessions.