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In preparation for the FY 2017-18 BORSF competition, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) would like to announce the internal deadlines as well as provide information on resources and outreach opportunities. The BOR has made significant changes to these programs, and we encourage you to review the Request for Proposals (RFPs) closely as you prepare your proposals.


Proposals must be submitted to ORSP no later than the internal deadlines listed below to allow for adequate time for review, revisions, and approvals prior to the BOR deadlines. Proposals submitted to ORSP after the internal deadline dates will not be reviewed or submitted. Full proposals routed to ORSP must include a completed and signed internal proposal approval form which can be found at this link. If cost share is included in the project budget, a cost share form is also required. Incomplete proposals or those missing signatures will not be checked in. Due to staff limitations and workload during this time, proposal documents and budgets must be routed in order to be reviewed. If you have any questions on how to complete any of these documents, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Access to the BOR’s submission system, LOGAN, is available at this link. New users will need to create a PI account in advance. Previous users may need to reset their password via the LOGAN website if unable to login. We encourage you to complete the forms on LOGAN in advance of routing your proposal to ORSP to expedite the review and routing process.

​BORSF Deadlines

NOTE: Requests for institutional, graduate assistant tuition support will be reviewed by the Graduate School once full proposals have been submitted to ORSP.


Due to the significant changes to the Enhancement program, faculty interested in submitting to this program must submit an internal Notice of Intent (NOI) via the link below no later than 11:59 PM on September 15th. Following this deadline, all NOIs will be sent to units chairs, deans, and directors for selection, coordination, and ranking of proposals to be submitted on behalf of that unit.

Internal NOI Link for Enhancement can be found here.


Request for Proposals (RFPs)

The RFPs for all BORSF programs for this cycle can be found at this link

Eligible Disciplines

Some BORSF programs have rotating disciplines that are eligible to submit per funding cycle. A list of all BORSF programs’ eligible disciplines can be found at this link.

Technical Issues with LOGAN Access, Forms, or Uploads

For technical issues related to the BOR’s submission system, LOGAN, please contact  


BORSF Sample Proposals

Previously awarded proposals are available to view and download at this link.  In addition, you can request copies of successful proposals through the BOR at this link.

ORSP Resources and Templates

​Narrative Templates 

Please feel free to use the following narrative templates as a guide for responding to the Board of Regents RFPs.  However, as these templates only address the narrative portion of the submission, they should not be used as a substitution for reading and responding to the RFP in full.

Departmental Enhancement Proposal (ENH) Narrative Outline

Industrial Ties Research Subprogram (ITRS) Narrative Outline

Proof-of-Concept/Prototype (P-o-C/P) Initiative Narrative Outline

Research Competitiveness Subprogram (RCS) Narrative Outline

Research Competitiveness One-Year Subprogram Narrative Outline

Awards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars Subprogram (ATLAS) Narrative Outline

​Budget Templates

The following templates should be used for creating project budgets and budget justification narratives.

Departmental Enhancement (ENH) Budget Spreadsheet Template (EXCEL)

Departmental Enhancement (ENH) Budget Justification Template (Word)

R&D Budget Spreadsheet Template for both ITRS & P-o-C/P proposals (EXCEL)

R&D Budget Justification Template for both ITRS & P-o-C/P proposals(Word)

ATLAS Budget Spreadsheet Template (EXCEL)


The BOR staff have offered other opportunities for faculty to discuss program changes and specific questions with administrators and potential applicants.

* Video of the August 25, 2017, BOR Programs and Processes Webinar presentation can be found here.  

• Ask-the-Program-Manager Days: Managers of the competitive programs (R&D, Departmental Enhancement, and ATLAS) will set aside times during September to answer project- or PI-specific questions via Skype or phone. PIs can register for 15-minute call-in sessions and may submit questions in advance to expedite the discussion. Registration links were previously sent out via email. If you need the links again, please email

• Q&A: A new Q&A system will compile and publish questions by program on a daily basis, replacing the published Q&As. This will enable faculty and administrators to access previously asked questions at any point during the proposal-writing process. The Q&As are available at this link.