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No-Cost Extensions

A PI may request a no cost extension (NCE) on a sponsored project if additional time, but not additional funds, is needed to complete the project. No cost extensions should be requested only when unforeseeable circumstances prevent project completion before the deadline. With proper justification, a sponsor may grant a NCE.

National Science Foundation allows the first NCE without their approval. If another NCE is needed after that time, their approval is required. 

All other NCE requests must be approved by the sponsor. Most sponsors require that the NCE be requested at least 90 days prior to the project’s end date.


  1. Submit to SPFAC your request for a NCE with sufficient justification on University letterhead.
  2. SPFAC will review sponsore guidelines on NCE, and if allowable, will obtain University approval.
  3. SPFAC will submit NCE to sponsor.
  4. SPFAC will notify you when sponsor approval is received.