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Employment Procedures for Students other than Graduate Assistants on Externally Funded Grants

Use the Insitutional Application for Campus Employment Form

Employment of Graduate Students should be coordinated with the Graduate School

  1. The Student must complete a UL Lafayette Institutional Application for Campus Employment (sometimes called an IWP Form or a Black and White Form - see above PDF). Hiring of students must be coordinated with the Student Financial Aid Office and students must meet eligibility requirements to be hired.
  2. The Supervisor must complete the appropriate section and forward the form to the Business Office. NOTE: If a student is proposed to be paid above the rate normally allowed, a letter of justification must be attached to the Institutional Application for Campus Employment.
  3. University policy limits employment of undergraduate students to a maximum of 30 hours per week except during semester breaks when undergraduates may work up to 40 hours per week.

An appointment may extend, at most, several months beyond the end of a fiscal year only if the end of the appointment coincides with the specified ending date of the grant.