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Limited Submission Programs

Limited Submission programs are funding opportunities for which the sponsor only allows a specific and limited number of proposals from a given institution. Submissions beyond the limit can result in rejection of all proposals submitted by that institution; therefore, these programs are carefully coordinated by ORSP through internal competitions.

Staff from this office curate, announce, and facilitate these competitions. Our office regularly sends a comprehensive email detailing currently open limited submission opportunities and the process for submitting an internal Notice of Intent (NOI) through Moodle. Alternatively, this listing can be found within the Moodle page titled "ORSP Limited Submission Programs." Detailed instructions for submitting to the internal competition are provided both within the announcement emails and within Moodle. 

Due to the large number of programs that prescribe institutional submission limits, it is not possible or practical for our office to provide notification of every limited submission opportunity. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the interested faculty member to notify ORSP of their desire to submit an application to a limited submission opportunity.