Research Compliance

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

We Oversee:

  •     Animal Care and Use Program
  •     Vertebrate Animal Housing and Facilities
  •     Live Vertebrate Animal Procedures

We Review & Approve Prior to Animal Use:

  •     Laboratory Research
  •     Field Research
  •     Teaching
  •     Testing

Our Average Review Time:

  •     2 weeks for perfect applications
  •     3-8 weeks when more information is requestedt.

The application can be completed online via the IRBManager interface.

Use your UL Lafayette login credentials or contact Robin Broussard for access.

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For assistance with the application process contact

Contacts for the IACUC

Sarah Hebert, BS, RALAT

Dr. Dana Hasselschwert, DVM, ACLAM
Attending Veterinarian

Dr. Robin Broussard, PhD
Director, Office of Research Integrity

Dr. Stephannie Ruiz, EdD, MSc, MBA, ALAT
Research Compliance Coordinator, Office of Research Integrity