Research Compliance

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When should I seek committee approval?

Committee approval of your research should always happen before you begin your research.  You can find the review process for each committee on their respective websites.

The timing for seeking approval of your research depends on where the funds for the research are coming from.

No funding necessary

If you don’t require funding for your research, you may seek approval from the appropriate committee as soon as your research project is designed.

Federal Agencies – NIH, NSF, DOD

These agencies use just-in-time procedures which means that about 1 month prior to making an award you will be notified that you are likely to be awarded and should begin getting the necessary approvals for use of humans, animals, recombinant DNA, biological agents, and radiation. Proof of the approval(s) will need to be submitted in order for the University to receive the award.

Private Foundations

If you are seeking funding from a private foundation, many of these will require proof of committee approval at the time the request for funding is submitted to them.  Please read the announcement carefully or seek assistance from your pre-award specialist to make this determination.

Contract Research

If you are performing work for a private company, while under contract to complete the work or research, you should get your approval as soon as possible since this is likely a stipulation in the contract.