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IACUC Member Training

All personnel serving on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) receive training to allow them to perform their duties.

The following materials will be provided (these are required reading assignments) -

Mandatory Requirements -

  • Proof of Measles Immunity
  • Tuberculin Test, biannually or certificate of test

Online Training Program

We provide free online training via the

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

Use the buttons in the upper right of the CITI homepage for registration and login.

Steps 2-6 will gather personal information.

In Step 7, please check the box for "If you are an IACUC member you are ....." or "IACUC Community member".

Completing the animal modules pertinent to research at UL Lafayette is encouraged.

Note - you can add modules later by clicking the  "Add a course" button at the bottom of the main menu page once logged in

Helpful Websites


USDA Animal Welfare Information Center

Search for Alternatives

USDA Animal Welfare


Persons interested in serving on the IACUC should contact the Director of  the Office of Research Integrity.