February 5th, 2018

Rising Star: Nurse Dr. Deedra Harrington

Most people are content to pursue one career. Dr. Deedra Harrington has found success pursuing many. “As an advanced... Read More ➝
February 5th, 2018

Rising Star: Biologist Dr. Beth Stauffer

For Dr. Beth Stauffer, an assistant professor in biology, it was her natural curiosity that eventually had her... Read More ➝
February 5th, 2018

Rising Star: Art Historian Dr. Christopher Bennett

It was an encounter with a famous 500-year-old collection of fresco artwork that pushed Dr. Christopher Bennett, a... Read More ➝

Leading Engineering for America's Prosperity, Health, and Infrastructure (LEAP HI) - (NSF 17-602)

The LEAP HI program challenges the engineering research community to take a leadership role in addressing demanding,... Read More ➝

DOE - Lab Equipment Donation Program (LEDP)

The Laboratory Equipment Donation Program (LEDP), formerly the Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment (ERLE) Grant... Read More ➝

Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace

Cyberspace has transformed the daily lives of people for the better. The rush to adopt cyberspace, however, has exposed... Read More ➝

Geomorphology and Land-use Dynamics

The Geomorphology and Land-use Dynamics Program supports innovative research into processes that shape and modify... Read More ➝

Microbiological Applications for the Control of Preserved Food Production

Dr. Andrei Chistoserdov
McInhenny Company

CRII: Cyber-Physical System Security in Implantable Insulin Injection System

Dr. Xiali Hei
National Science Foundation

Assimilation Wetland Ecological Monitoring Services

Dr. Taylor Sloey
City of Broussard

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Laboratory

Dr. Mehdi Mokhtari
U.S. Department of Energy
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