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PI Spotlight: LouAnne Greenwald

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LouAnne Greenwald is the director of the Paul and Lulu Hillard University Art Museum.  She obtained her undergraduate degree at Kent State University in Ohio and her Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. 

Recently, she received a $25,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to support a conservation project at the Hillard University Art Museum.  The Museum’s floor to ceiling windows offer beautiful views of the A. Hays Town building and Girard Park but flood the second floor space with sunlight which can be detrimental to artworks on paper.  The IMLS grant allows for the application of a film to the windows in order to cut down on the light and heat transmission so drawings, prints, and photographs can be displayed in the flex space on the second floor. 

In the Spring, the Museum will present an exhibition on the topic of conservation, using works from their collection to highlight the importance of caring for art.