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February 2nd, 2015

Discovery Channel Canada features Wave Robber coastal erosion project

The work of an inventor and researchers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to combat coastal erosion is gai... Read More ➝
November 10th, 2014

New Acadia Project receives $52,000 grant

A grant of $52,000 will enliven the New Acadia Project, or Project Nouvelle-Acadie, which seeks to unearth the Acadi... Read More ➝
September 18th, 2014

Future teachers to benefit from NSF grant

A grant from the National Science Foundation of almost $1.2 million will help the University of Louisiana at Lafayet... Read More ➝
September 10th, 2014

University research benefits new biorefineries

NFR BioEnergy will install biorefineries at more than 10 sugar refining hubs in south Louisiana to convert sugar can... Read More ➝
September 4th, 2014

Plans for latest tech center brings new job total to 1,000

The following press release was issued by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's office.... Read More ➝
August 13th, 2014

Study will help scientists manage Chicot Aquifer

With grant funds from the National Science Foundation, researchers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette will ... Read More ➝
August 4th, 2014

Research helps astronauts stay strong

A University of Louisiana at Lafayette professor is helping to keep astronauts healthy.... Read More ➝
July 9th, 2014

Research findings could affect oil and gas exploration

Samples of earth extracted from deep beneath the sea, off the coast of Spain and Portugal, show climate shifts as ea... Read More ➝