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What happens to my proposal once I submit it to ORSP?

When your proposal package arrives to ORSP, it is assigned to a Pre-Award Administrator. ORSP is responsible for reviewing your proposal against the agency guidelines, University policies, and federal guidelines (if a federal sponsor). The Pre-Award Administrator will make sure all the required pieces are there and that the components are competitive and correct. The Pre-Award Administrator will work with you to update the proposal, budget, and justification, and guide you on any other proposal components that are missing. Once the Pre-Award Administrator and the PI feel that the proposal is ready for submission, the proposal package is sent to the ORSP Director, SPFAC Director, VP Research, VP Administration and Finance, and finally the Provost. All parties must sign off prior to submission. Once university approval is obtained, the ORSP Director submits the proposal following agency guidelines or as directed on the Internal Proposal Approval Form.