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Procedures for Travel Requests on Externally Funded Grants

If you plan to travel for a sponsored program, this must be approved in advance.  You must submit a travel request using a Travel Request Form.  For insurance purposes, a Travel Request is required even if no project or University funds will be used.  The official state travel policy must be followed for all travel. 

Below are some general considerations regarding project-related travel that you should review before you begin to make travel arrangements.

  • Review your award for restrictions on travel, such as no foreign travel, etc.
  • Funds must be available to travel.
  • Travel must take place between the start and end dates of the project.
  • Use the state approved travel agency when making travel arrangements.
  • Allow extra time for approval of international travel.
  • Special approval is needed when a rental car is anticipated.  Submit your rental request with the Travel Request.

Important:  If your project is federally funded, including federal pass-through funding,  you must use a  U.S.  flag carrier when flying internationally, even when a lower cost non-U.S. carrier is available.  When making your arrangements, inform your travel agent that you need to fly on a U.S. carrier. 

The travel request requires the following approvals:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Department Head
  • Dean
  • Provost
  • Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development, if a center
  • Administrative Services

For additional information on travel, contact Administrative Services.