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2012-2013 Board of Regents Support Fund Award Notifications

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The audible memoirs of local flood victims

History Harvest is at it again with a new arrangement of anthropological inventory.

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Thinking through the lens of biomimicry

School may be out for the summer, but a University of Louisiana at Lafayette summer program is hoping to continue th

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Enhancement Program

Category: Agricultural Sciences

Chlan, Caryl (Biology) College of Sciences §  $65,000  §  High Throughput Rapid Analysis of Plant Tissues for Agricultural Applications


Category: Arts

Kelly, Brian (Visual Arts) College of Arts  §  $60,000  §  Studio Enhancement for Silkscreen and Lithographic Printing Technology for the Printmaking Classroom and Marais Press


Category: Earth & Environmental Sciences

Lock, Brian (Geology) College of Sciences  §  $229,500  §  Cutting Edge Instrumentation to Support a Shale Gas/Oil Educational and Research Initiative at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Category: Engineering A

Thomas, George (Electrical and Computer Engineering) College of Engineering  §  $138,400  §  A Senior Undergraduate Laboratory for RF and Wireless Communications


Category: Health & Medical Sciences

Bellar, David (Kinesiology) College of Education  §  $101,370  §  Modernizing the Human Performance Laboratory


Category: Multidisciplinary

Saft, Corey (Architecture) College of Arts  §  $76,325  §  Digital Fabrication Teaching Laboratory: Essential Upgrades


Visser, Jenneke (Geosciences) College of Sciences  §  $101,455  §  Development of a Coastal Wetland Laboratory to Enhance Multidisciplinary Education and Research


Industrial Ties Research Subprogram (ITRS)

Gang, Daniel (Civil Engineering) College of Engineering  §  $188,275  §  Field Investigation of the Wave Suppressor Sediment Collection (WSSC) System, a Highly Effective System for Shoreline Protection and Sediment Retention


Guo, Boyun (Petroleum Engineering) College of Engineering  §  $131,112  §  Experimental Investigations of Fracture Growth in Unconventional Liquid-Rich Shale Plays


Srivastava, Radhey (Chemistry) College of Sciences  §  $225,000  §  Transition-Metal Catalyzed Asymmetric Nitrogenation of Hydrocarbons (olefins): Method Development and its Synthetic Applications to Valuable Chemicals


Research Competitiveness Subprogram (RCS)

Carroll, James Chris (Civil Engineering) College of Engineering  §  $134,848  §  Investigation of Crumb Rubber Fiber Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls Subjected to Cyclic Loading


Lai, Bitao (Petroleum Engineering) College of Engineering  §  $145,724  §  Experimentally qualifying Water Saturation Effects on Gas Shale`s Geomechanical Properties Using Triaxial Testing Method


McIntyre, Ernest (Chemical Engineering) College of Engineering  §  $153,839  §  Smart Adaptable Field-Activated Fluids Containing Nanoparticles


Xu, Wu (Chemistry) College of Sciences  §  $135,315  §  Biochemical and Spectroscopic Characterizations of the Site-directed Mutants around Accessory Chlorophylls, A0, A1 and FX of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803



Laudun, John (English) College of Liberal Arts  §  $19,734  §   Louisiana Genius: How a Bunch of Cajun and German Farmers and Fabricators Invented a Traditional Amphibious Boat


Southern Regional Education Board Graduate Fellowships to Promote the Diversity Program

Breaux, David (Graduate School)  §  $190,000  §  Attracting Minority Doctoral Fellows to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Traditional Graduate Fellows

Klerks, Paul (Biology) College of Sciences  §  $112,000  §  Recruitment of Superior PhD Students in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology for 2014