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Civil engineering professor selected to conduct steel research

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Dr. Matt Fadden, a UL Lafayette assistant professor of civil engineering, has been awarded the Milek Fellowship by the American Institute of Steel Construction.

He received the fellowship for his proposal for making flooring systems for steel structures that are both lightweight and durable. He will receive $200,000 with the fellowship, or $50,000 a year for four years, to conduct structural steel research.

The fellowship will fund graduate research assistantships, a portion of Fadden’s salary, and equipment and supplies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

“I am working with a project review committee from AISC to finalize project scope,” Fadden said.

The AISC, based in Chicago, is a not-for-profit technical institute and trade association founded in 1921, Each year, it selects “a promising young university faculty member as the AISC Milek Fellow,” according to its website,

Other recent recipients of the Milek Fellowship include professors from Michigan State, Purdue, Penn State, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Washington.