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Live United while Researching for a Reason!

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Family of 5 with white Live United t-shirts.In the spirit of sharing and investing in our community, the Office of the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Economic Development invites you to view a video from the United Way.  It depicts actual United Way beneficiaries speaking about their lives and how the United Way helped them through tough times so they could feel whole again. The family of four in the video used the United Way financial programs to save enough money to cover the adoption expenses of their two beautiful orphaned nephews. The lady on her lawn mower used United Way’s tax assistance program to get back overpayment of taxes, which allowed her to purchase a home and a lawn mower. The United Way doesn’t give hand outs, they give hand ups that help people for the rest of their lives by educating them.  They teach them how to be successful financially and boost the benefits of their learning by providing matching grants for achieving goals.   40 % of our neighbors were struggling to make ends meet before the historic flood hit.  That number is likely higher, because we all know FEMA and insurance are not enough to fully recover.  We believe in Research for a Reason.  We also believe in supporting our friends, family and neighbors.  This is the spirit of Acadiana.  The United Way of Acadiana embodies this spirit.  With 5.7 million in expenses last year, just 6.4% of that was administrative costs!
Please consider donating.  Payroll deduction is painless.  Just $10/month can help a lot of people.  If all the faculty on campus would give just $10/month, we could supply $54,000 dollars/year to help our neighbors.  If every employee in campus gave just $10/month, we could provide $240,000 dollars/year to help our struggling neighbors.  $10/month is so small.  It’s just 33 cents a day.  You won’t even notice that it’s gone.  But the people we help will notice and they might even become our students or be our co-workers.  They could be future researchers, but we need to help them get here.  Please donate today.   
UL Lafayette employees can sign up for payroll deduction until November 11, 2016. Sign in on ULink. Click the Employees tab and click the blue Live United picture. Click Pledge Now in the orange box on the left.  You can even choose how your money is used by the United Way.