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Chambers Honored with La. Clean Fuels Award

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Dr. Terry Chambers, mechanical engineering professor from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, was honored last week for his commitment to solar energy with a prestigious award from Louisiana Clean Fuels. He was presented with the Katry Martin Award.
Chambers, who holds the Donald & Janice Mosing BORSF Endowed Chair in mechanical engineering, also serves as director of the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Center at UL Lafayette.

LCF recognizes outstanding alternative fuel users in the organization’s territory each year. These awards recognize the exceptional achievements of Louisiana Clean Fuels stakeholders who have been working tirelessly to reduce petroleum consumption and emissions.

Ann Vail, executive director of LCF said, “We enjoyed showcasing the successes of our stakeholders who work hard to reduce their transportation emissions. It would be impossible to make this large of an impact individually, but together, as a coalition, we are able to strengthen our resolve and have a noteworthy influence on Louisiana’s industries. We hope to continue to grow and develop strong relationships across our region.”

Chambers received this honor because of his dedication and commitment throughout his career. He has been a pioneer in seeing solar energy emerge as a realistic technology for Louisiana. Some of his many accomplishments include: serving on the governor's task force for Net Carbon Future, designing and installing the state's first solar thermal concentrating power system in the state and the largest units at any university, serving as the state's leading expert on solar power, and testifying and providing free consulting to numerous stakeholders.

“I am humbled to be honored with the Katry Martin Award, especially when there are so many wonderful people doing so much to help decarbonize our transportation industry,” said Chambers. “I especially want to thank Louisiana Clean Fuels, and Ann Vail in particular, for providing such strong leadership in this area.”

John W. Stone Oil received the highest honor, Clean Fuel Champion, for reducing more than 11,800 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. John W. Stone Oil Distributor is the local leader in dockside, midstreaming, and offshore fueling along the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to Venice, Louisiana and into the Gulf of Mexico. Stone Oil reduces the emissions of marine vessels while they are docked in their ports by allowing the vessels to plug in to shore power and turn off their diesel engine.

About the award: Every two years, LCF honors one person whose kindness, positive attitude, and passion for alternative fuels sets them apart from their peers. The award's namesake, Katry Martin, served as the Executive Director of St. Landry Parish Solid Waste. Under his leadership, St. Landry Parish was the first landfill in Louisiana to successfully commission, operate, and monetize environmental attributes. While many others talked about the merits of carbon offsets, St. Landry Parish planned and executed. Additionally, St. Landry Parish was one of the first to build, own, and operate a renewable and compressed natural gas (RNG and CNG) project at the landfill. This project is the template for smaller RNG and CNG Projects on a global basis. Katry was revered for being a visionary who was also able to take his ideas and put them into practice.