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Computer Systems Patents


Phylogeny Generation

Method for Near-Realtime Workspace Mapping

Debit Card Read/Write Controller and Process

Method for Preserving the Integrity of Stored Data


Architecture and Method for Providing Insights in Networks Domain

System and Method for Identifying and Comparing Code by Semantic Abstractions

System for Request Aggregation in Cloud Computing Services

System and Method for Inreasing Robustness of Heterogeneous Computing Systems

Method for Automatic Creation of Malware Detection Signature

Fingerprinting Vehicle

Embedded Stochastic-Computing Accelerator Architecture and Method for Convolutional Neural Networks

Method and Architecture for Accelerating Deterministic Stochastic Computing Using Residue Number System

Economic Long Short-Term Memory for Recurrent Neural Networks

Method for Unsupervised Ranking of Numerical Observations

Method for Estimating Missing Values in A Dataset

Method for Pulse-Based Convolution for Near-Sensor Processing

Context-Aware Bit-Stream Generator for Deterministic Stochastic Computing

Method and Architecture for Fuzzy-Logic Using Unary Processing

Novel Sliding Model-based Distributed Control Scheme

Intelligent Fault-Prediction Asisted Self-Healing of Embryonic Hardware

Machine Learning-Based Approach for Hardware Fault Prediction 

Sliding Mode Controlled Enabled Hybrid Energy Storage Systems with on the Fly Supercapacitor Charging Algorithm

Exact-in-Memory Multiplication Based on Deterministsic Stochastic Computing

Anonymous Tracking of People in Indoor Environments

FSM Based SC Bit Stream Generation

Algorithm to Extract Structure of Computer Program 

Architechture and Method for In-Memory Sorting

Ratio Temparature Sensing (RaTeS) Method

A Light-Weight Accelerator for Deep Neural Network Training