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Proposal Development & Grant Writing Resources

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) partners with investigators throughout the proposal cycle. Activities of ORSP are designed to help faculty and to facilitate the overall grant process, while balancing the need for institutional and sponsor regulatory compliance. In addition to assisting investigators in identifying funding opportunities, securing institutional approval for proposals, and submitting proposals for funding, the Pre-Award Administrators in ORSP are here to assist investigators as they plan, write, and prepare to submit proposals. The Pre-Award staff will also assist investigators with budget development and compliance checks.

This section of the ORSP website provides information, links, resources, and templates for proposal development. These documents and information are designed as a starting point for investigators as they begin writing and preparing their grant proposals. The biggest resource of all, however, is the Pre-Award Administrator, who will serve as a team member in the development of your proposal. Please peruse this section of the website for a wealth of proposal development resources and contact your Pre-Award Administrator at any stage of your grant writing process.