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RFP -- Research Opportunities in Space Biology

Tue, 05/21/2013 - 3:07pm -- david
National Aeronautics & Space Administration

This NASA Research Announcement (NRA) solicits hypothesis-driven research Proposals for both ground-based experiments and flight experiments in Space Biology (SB). This solicitation (NRA NNH11ZTT002N), entitled, 'Research Opportunities in Space Biology,' will be available on or about September 30, 2011. This solicitation will be found by opening the NASA Research Opportunities homepage at and then linking through the menu listings 'Solicitations' to 'Open Solicitations.' Utilizing 21st century biological tools (e.g., genetic, proteomic, metabolomic), Scientists will examine and discover underlying mechanisms of adaptation to changes resulting from the space flight environment (e.g., altered gravity, stress, radiation),and will determine cellular and organismal mechanisms that regulate and sustain growth, metabolism, reproduction and development. NASA intends to sponsor studies that will result in new basic knowledge that will provide a foundation on which other NASA researchers and engineers can build approaches and countermeasures to the problems confronting human exploration of space, or that translate into new biological tools or applications on Earth

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