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Water Security Mission Support

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Environmental Protection Agency

With the Nation under continuing threat from those who seek to harm it, EPA has the important responsibility of protecting the environment from terrorist acts. The contractor shall provide technical, regulatory, analytical, research and developmental, logistical, and informational technology support to the EPA in its efforts supporting the all-hazards approach to water security responsibilities. The successful contractor shall provide all necessary labor, materials, and services in support of the efforts. EPA anticipates the contract will be a cost-plus-fixed-fee, level-of-effort, work assignment type contract for a period of 12months including four 12 month option periods. The base period will include 80,000 hours and increased quantity options will be at 70,000 hours per period. The successful contractor is responsible for having in place the appropriate facility clearance indicated on the Department of Defense, Contract Security Classification Specification (DD 254) form. The clearance is required at time of proposal submission.

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