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UL Lafayette Research Faculty Listing (including research interests)

Financial Information (Rates)


Institutional Information

Legal Applicant University of Louisiana at Lafayette
All contracts and agreements must be made between the funding agency and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette; it is the legal applicant, not the department, college or individual.
Acceptable representations of University Name University of Louisiana at Lafayette or UL Lafayette
Authorized Organizational Representative Dr. Ramesh Kolluru
Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development
Fiscal Agent Jerald Luke LeBlanc
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Mailing Address for Contracts

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Sponsored Programs Finance Administration & Compliance
PO Box 42570
Lafayette, LA  70504-1006

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Sponsored Programs Finance Administration & Compliance
104 E University Circle
FG Mouton Suite 307
Lafayette, LA  70503

Tax Identification Number (EIN) 72-6000820
Unique Entity ID (UEI) C169K7T4QZ96
CAGE Code 9B975
ASAP Number (USDA) 2220318
Animal Welfare Assurance Number A3029-01
Federal Wide Assurance Number (FWA) FWA00000758
Participant Identification Code (PIC) Number 877631460
State Certified Vendor Number (LaGOV) 310009103
IRB Registration IRB00001474
Carnegie Classification Doctoral Universities: Very High Research Activity
Statement of Purpose Click Here
U.S. Congressional District LA-003
Louisiana Senate District #23
Louisiana House District #44
Debarment and suspension: NO
Drug free Workplace: YES
Delinquent Federal Debt: NO
Lobbying with federally appropriated funds or other funds: NO
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Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA)
Office of Institutional Research

Financial Information

   Financial statement & annual audit report

Fringe Benefits Rates

(Updated 7.2.2024)

   Current Fringe Benefit Documentation

The current fringe benefit rate is applied to any full time UL Lafayette employee and Post Doc budgeted on proposals. All proposals must also include a 0.5% increase on the fringe rate for multi-year projects, with a cap of 50%. A breakdown of these projected rates can be found in the table below and are built into the budget templates that are available to you as a proposal resource.

Fiscal Year   Fringe Rate  
7/1/2024-6/30/2025:   45.90% Current
7/1/2025-6/30/2026:   46.40% Projected
7/1/2026-6/30/2027:   46.90% Projected
7/1/2027-6/30/2028:   47.40% Projected
7/1/2028-6/30/2029:   47.90% Projected
1. Faculty Professional Employees, Post-Docs
See above table.
2. Professional Employees
3. Post Docs
4. Graduate Students No fringe is applied to students.
5. Undergraduate Students

Facilities & Administrative Cost (F&A) Rates

(Updated 7.6.2023)

  On-Campus Off-Campus
Organized Research 48%   7/1/2023-until 26%
Instruction 45% 26%
Other Sponsored Activities 40% 26%
New Iberia Research Center 50%   7/1/2022-until  

Tuition Rates

(Updated 7.19.2023)

For graduate assistantships to be funded by an externally funded project, the following tuition amounts should be budgeted:

Academic Year (Fall & Spring)*

  Summer Semester
AY 2023-2024: $3,936   2024: $2,739
AY 2024-2025: $4,133   2025: $2,876
AY 2025-2026: $4,340   2026: $3,020
AY 2026-2027: $4,557   2027: $3,171
AY 2027-2028: $4,785   2028: $3,330

*Amounts noted are per semester. The above rates are based on current basic fees with an anticipated 5% increase per year. While some fees other that basic fees are waived, the student will be responsible for fees that might include the student technology fee, graduate student organization fee, insurance fees and other student assessed fees. Note that these rates are different than those published by the bursars office for self-paying students.

Students looking for actual tuition information should visit the Bursar's website here.

Graduate Student Stipend Rates

(Updated 4.8.2024)
beginning with the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Student Level   Minimum Stipend Amount
Master's Student  

$11,500 for a 9-month academic year to be paid in 10 check payments

On sponsored projects, this is budgeted as $1,150 per month for 10 months.

Doctoral Student  

$20,000 for a 9-month academic year to be paid in 10 check payments

On sponsored projedts, this is budgeted as $2,000 per month for 10 months.

Additional Information from the Graduate School