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About Us

Today, just as in the past, Americans are turning to their local universities for teaching, basic research and the types of innovation that build jobs and communities. Increasingly, we recognize that knowledge-based economies are based, to a large extent, on creative teams of faculty and students that work within academe. This process is critically important to America’s dynamic innovation regime.

Now, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is joining the 155 American universities who contribute to the growth of their students, communities and Nation through a professional innovation program, the Office of Innovation Management (OIM). The UL has structured the OIM to meet the needs of a diverse set of UL constituencies including; faculty, students, entrepreneurs, angel investors, professional and strategic investors, government, local companies, our industrial partners, economic development managers/organizations, and our alumni partners.

The Office of Innovation Management (OIM) has been launched to stimulate and reward innovation, to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and to fortify Lafayette’s economic development efforts.

The OIM succeeds when it facilitates and adds value in the process!




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