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ESG-Grid: LEOSAT-based System For Globally Scalable Experimentation

Conventional ground stations or networks of ground stations working with LEOSAT(s) and/or CubeSat(s) do not offer sufficient flexibility or globally scalable transparent coordination of communications,  instrumentation, and/or functional or physical actuation at satellites or ground stations to fully exploit these systems so as to operate practically, experimental missions anywhere on Earth, or to achieve highly desirable globally scalable experimentation missions in general. Fortunately, UL Lafayette researchers have invented the ESG-Grid to overcome these limitations. The ESG-Grid is an Internet-cloud coordinated network of one or more LEOSAT(s)/CubeSat(s) combined with a plurality of Terrestrial Participant Devices (TPDs) (i.e. simple portable or mobile smartphone-based ground stations, or same functionality installed in automobiles, boats, planes, drones, tanks, missiles and/or instrumented robots to name a few) where the collective resources and functionality of both satellites and TPDs may be coordinated to achieve novel capabilities, including choreographed and highly economical, automated, transparent, and globally scalable exploration, instrumentation, and experimentation missions, in orbit or anywhere on Earth. 


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