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Proposal Package Checklist when UL Lafayette is the Subaward

If UL Lafayette is a subawardee on another institution's proposal, a complete proposal package includes all components listed in the following table. ORSP will prepare a letter of collaboration for signature by the university's authorized representative and will send the UL Lafayette's subaward proposal to the prime applicant once internal approval is received. A complete proposal package must be provided to ORSP at least three (3) full business days before the postmark or electronic receipt date set forth by the agency solicitation. Submission of a proposal without all required documentation will delay processing of that proposal and may result in the proposal not being submitted to the prime applicant and/or the funding agency. ORSP cannot guarantee processing and submission of a proposal if a complete proposal package is received by ORSP after the internal deadline. 

A full proposal package includes certain documentation required by the agency for submission plus all internal approval forms required by UL Lafayette, which is summarized below. Click here to download a printer-friendly checklist. A complete proposal package when UL Lafayette is the Subaward includes the following:



Internal Proposal Approval Form (IPAF) Also commonly referred to as a "routing form," the Internal Proposal Approval Form (IPAF) must be complete and signed by all investigators, Department Heads, and Deans of all investigators. This form should be attached to the front of your complete proposal package when routing for approval.
Facilities and Administrative Cost Waiver/Reduction The submittal of the Facilities and Administrative Cost Waiver/Reduction Request Form is required only on those rare occasions in which the PI requests a waiver or reduction of the F&A rate below the maximum allowed by the sponsor. This form is NOT required if the F&A rate in the proposal is the maximum permitted by the sponsor’s written policy even when that rate is lower than the University’s federally negotiated/approved rate. In those cases, attach a copy of the sponsor’s policy to the proposal for routing.
Cost Share/Matching Funds The Cost Share/Matching Funds Approval Form is required when the proposal budget include cost sharing or matching funds.
Budget Budget for UL Lafayette’s portion of the work should be prepared on sponsor budget forms. If the sponsor does not indicate a specific form, PI can use ORSP templates.
Budget Justification Budget justification for UL Lafayette’s portion of the work.
Scope of Work At a minimum, this must include all work to be done by UL Lafayette. If available, the complete proposal narrative being submitted by the prime to the agency should be included.
Forms/Information required by sponsor Including but not limited to application forms, special budget forms, bio sketches, facilities & equipment forms, current/pending forms, etc.
Proposal for each named subaward and/or subcontract In the case that UL Lafayette has a subaward/subcontract, include information listed in the “Proposal for each named subaward and/or subcontract” category above.
Proposal for all named consultants and vendors Proposal transmitted on letterhead includes quote or cost proposal with detailed description of goods or services to be provided
Letter of Commitment for all Third Party Contributors For each outside entity providing third party cost share or match (cash or in-kind), provide a letter from an authorized individual of the organization providing a detailed description and value of items to be provided.
Financial Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Form Required for all investigators for NSF & PHS (including NIH) proposals or for an individual investigator if a financial conflict of interest exists regardless of sponsor
Approval from applicable Institutional Review Committee Documentation of IACUC, IRB, IBC, Radiation Safety Committee approval if project involves animal subjects, human subjects, radioactive materials or biohazardous materials.
Submission Requirements UL Lafayette's ORSP will coordinate submission requirements with the sponsored research office of the prime institution.