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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

About IRB

The IRB functions to ensure that research involving human participants is carried out in an ethical manner. The principles of respect for persons, beneficence, and justice must be utilized.
To use human participants or their private information in your research, you must complete human subject training offered via CITI and submit an application for review and approval to the IRB Chair.  Check to see if you need IRB review with a brief survey.

UL Lafayette adheres to the recommendations of the Office for Human Research Protections and requires all human subject research to be reviewed by the IRB, even projects that seem to fit the exempt categories detailed in 45 CFR.46.104.

Reviews of Exempt and Expedited projects occur throughout the year outside of the IRB meetings.  Generally, the IRB requires 2-4 weeks to review and approve an exempt or expedited review category project that does not require extensive modifications.  More complicated projects or those submitted during high workload periods could take 8 weeks for review.  Full board reviews are only accomplished on the second Friday of the month during Fall and Spring semesters, unless the date conflicts with scheduled holidays.  Submissions for Full Board review must be received 2 weeks prior to the meeting date.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement of application receipt within 5 business days, contact  All applications undergo pre-review to determine that all the necessary items for review are present.  Applications requiring additional information will be returned to allow the submitter to provide the additional information.

After reviewing the IRB General Guidelines, questions involving policies and procedures can be directed to the Chair or the Director of the Office of Research Integrity. If you are unsure whether your research involves human subjects, please try the "Do I need IRB review" checklist or ask the Chair. Applications should be sent to the Chair two months before initiation of research.

Class projects utilizing human subjects have a shortened review procedure.  Please see the page for Classroom Human Subjects Research.

Contacts for IRB

Dr. Hung-Chu Lin, Chair

Dr. Heather Stone, Vice-Chair

Dr. Robin Broussard, Coordinator

Dr. Stephannie Ruiz, Coordinator


Schedule of Meetings

2nd Friday of the month at 10 am for applications requiring full board review.

A representative who can discuss the project objectives and answer questions is required to attend.