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CITI Training - Using Human Subjects in Research

To retrieve a previously earned certificate, use these instructions.

Undergraduate Students

"Undergraduate Training on Human Subjects Research" must be completed by undergraduate students using people or their private information in class research projects.

The training is available through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

Registration Instructions:

Download undergraduate registration instructions.

Faculty and Graduate Students

"Basic Human Subjects Research" training must be completed by faculty and graduate students using people or their private information in their research.

The training is available through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

Download instructions to register for Basic Human Subjects Research Training for Faculty and Graduate Students.

Short Instructions:

Go to the CITI webpage.

First time users of the CITI training will need to register. Click the white "Register" button at the top of the page.

In the blank on the page to "Select Your Organization Affiliation", type "University of Louisiana at Lafayette" (which will self-populate), then select the university.

DO NOT use the Independent Learner Registration (this will charge you money).

Agree to the terms of use and affirm your affiliation with UL Lafayette.

When entering your email address, use the email address. This will ensure your training connects to IRBManager.

Click "Continue To Create Your CITI Program Username/Password."

After creating your username and password, there will be several pages of questions for your profile.  You only need to answer the required questions.

On the courses page, Questions 1-7 should be answered "not at this time" or left blank unless you would like to view a course.

In question 8, select "Basic Human Subjects Research".  There are 12 modules to complete in the course.

Note - Question 12 lists all the on-demand webinars that we subscribe to. Please select as many as you wish.

Once in the Human Subjects Research training course, you will need to complete one of two elective modules in addition to the required modules  in order to receive your certificate.  There are additional optional modules that you can take for your own benefit.

The IRB Chair may assign additional modules as is necessary for your research objectives.

Note - you may update your course selections later by clicking the "add a course" link at the bottom of your "My Courses" page.

There is no charge to faculty, staff, or students to use this material, as long as you do not request CEU credit.

When you login in CITI, click the blue Log In button or use the LOG IN option (do not use LOG IN THROUGH MY INSTITUTION).