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Guidelines for Submission and Review of IBC Applications

  1. Your IBC application should be submitted for review at least two weeks prior to the IBC meeting date.  Contact the Chair for a date.
  2. The Chair will review your application and determine if a full committee review is required.
  3. Your application will be distributed to the IBC. Members who notice problems with the application or would like clarifications concerning specific issues will direct those to the IBC Chair no less than 5 working days prior to the scheduled meeting. The Chair will forward the request for information to you. If you are unable to clarify the issue to the satisfaction of the IBC member prior to the meeting, you will be asked to attend the IBC meeting for an explanation of the issue(s).
  4. As the PI of an application undergoing full review, you are encouraged to attend the IBC meeting in which your application is being reviewed. You will be asked to present a short overview of the project and answer any questions that IBC members may have. Your attendance will greatly reduce the chances that specific issues or uncertainties will result in the review being tabled until the next meeting (which would delay the start of your project).
  5. In the event that clarifications are not resolved prior to the IBC meeting or when additional questions arise at the IBC meeting that remain unresolved, the application will be "tabled" until clarifications are obtained. If the issue is relatively minor, IBC members may approve a motion that the application will be approved pending clarification of the issue in question (noted in the minutes) in consultation between you and the Chair, and resolved to the satisfaction of the IBC member(s) who raised the issue(s).
  6. If important issues remain unresolved during the full review, the application will be tabled and will be revisited at the following IBC meeting. You will be informed of the "pending" status of the application and would be encouraged to attend the subsequent IBC meeting, in order to explain the issues and/or the application in general.