Funding Notice - Engineering

   RFP -- Research Interests of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research
   James S. McDonnell Foundation: 21st Century Science Initiative
   Environmental Grant Program - Clean Technology and Innovation Grant Program
   National Science Foundation: Design of Engineering Material Systems (DEMS)
   National Science Foundation: System Science (SYS)
   Conservation Trust: Grants Program
   National Science Foundation: Catalyzing New International Collaborations
   RFP -- Precipitating and Predisposing Factors in Rural Two-Lane Crashes
   Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Research Grant Programs
   RFP -- Rapid Improvement of Existing Handheld Technologies for AIT Anomaly Resolution
   RFP -- Defense Acquisition Challenge Program BAA - FY12
   Measurement, Science and Engineering Research Grants Programs--Engineering Laboratory (EL) Grant Program
   Measurement, Science and Engineering Research Grants Programs--Office of Special Programs (OSP) Grant Program--Office of Law Enforcement Standards (OLES) Grant Program
   Battelle Memorial Institute: Grants
   Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Fiscal Year 2012 Basic Research Initiative (BRI)
   EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER)
   Grants for Rapid Response Research (RAPID)
   Consortium for Ocean Leadership: Post-Expedition Activity Awards
   Consortium for Ocean Leadership: Pre-Drilling Activities
   American Institute of Steel Construction: Unsolicited Proposals


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