Funding Notice - Federal All

   OFR-NSF Partnership in Support of Research Collaborations in Finance Informatics
   Environmental Management Participation Program for the U.S. Army Environmental Command (USAEC)
   Research Participation Program for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (USAFRL)
   RFA-DC-14-001--NIDCD Research On Hearing Health Care
   National Science Foundation: Grants for Rapid Response Research (RAPID)
   National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC): Ventures
   High-Risk Research in Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (HRRPAA)
   RFP -- Vehicle Systems Research
   Dear Colleague Letter- US-China Collaborative Software Research
   NSF/SBE partnering in round 3 of the Digging into Data Challenge
   RFP -- Research Interests of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research
   National Science Foundation: Design of Engineering Material Systems (DEMS)
   National Science Foundation: System Science (SYS)
   Genetic Screens to Enhance Zebrafish Research
   National Science Foundation: Catalyzing New International Collaborations
   Biomedical/Biobehavioral Research Administration Development (BRAD) Award [G11]
   Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) of Genomic Research Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award
   RFP -- Precipitating and Predisposing Factors in Rural Two-Lane Crashes
   Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Research Grant Programs
   RFP -- Rapid Improvement of Existing Handheld Technologies for AIT Anomaly Resolution


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