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International Travel Information

Travel for conferences and research is important within the University Community, but it can be difficult to navigate when export control regulations and sanctions are taken into account. Some countries have significant restrictions due to US government sanctions.  These can be reviewed on the Office of Foreign Assets Control - Sanctions Programs and Information website.  All US citizens and anyone traveling on University business are required to adhere to the requirements described by OFAC.

Additionally, any technology or proprietary information that is not in the public domain may require an export license in order for you to take it out of the US or discusss it outside of the US.  This varies by country and by technology and is constantly changing.  It is highly recommended that you discuss your travel plans with the Export Control Officer several months before your travel, in case a license needs to be obtained.  The Export Control Officer can also review the people that you plan to have private discussions with to determine if they are denied parties that are not allowed to have access to the the information.  Please send an email to or call 337-482-1419.

Things to consider:

It is the traveler's responsibility to adhere to the export control requirements of our laws and orders, violation of these laws and orders can result in large fines.

Travel with as little technology as possible to avoid having it confiscated while going through customs in any country. 

Assess which countries you are traveling through, not just the final destination, when preparing for Export Control Licenses.

If traveling with technology, keep it in your control at all times.

If shipping technology for your use outside of the US, you must arrange for secure storage upon its arrival.

Destinations that require careful consideration and may be prohibited include, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, and Syria.